Graduate Assistants Development Program


Graduate Assistants (GAs) are a valuable asset of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM). It is highly anticipated that they continue their PhD studies and return to serve the academia in Saudi Arabia. Special attention to their development at all levels is needed to assure their readiness for their future careers.

Based on a training need survey distributed on faculty members and graduate students, and on a survey of common practices in Academic for graduate assistants' development, the Deanship of Academic Development introduced the Graduate Assistants Development Program (GADP). This program is intended to equip graduate assistants with the necessary skills that will contribute positively to their future careers. In addition, it includes an opportunity for them to apply for the conference attendance award and the summer scholarship award.


The following are the objectives of the GADP program:

  • Assist graduate students in completing their studies at KFUPM with the highest honors.
  • Help graduate students in developing teaching skills that will be utilized in their careers before graduation and after graduation.
  • Instill the best research practices and techniques to facilitate the successful completion of their higher degrees and research after their graduation.

Skills in Focus

The GADP are planned to cover the following skills:

Development of vision and self motivation

Development of a vision and self-motivation is a very important that will instill a sense of planning and responsibility will guide them throughout their careers and afterwards.

Time management skills

Time management plays a vital role in streamlining a graduate assistant's full involvement in teaching, learning and research.

Communication skills

Skills related to dealing with others, superiors at work, students attending a graduate assistant's class, or colleagues and peers, play a vital role in their social, technical and psychological advancement. In addition, oral presentation skills and written communication skills are important to the professional development of graduate assistants.

Effective teaching skills

Effective teaching skills are important for the graduate student to be able to successfully and efficiently carry out his teaching responsibilities.

Effective research skills

The program introduces skills necessary for conducting research activities in an efficient and successful manner.

GADP Details

The Graduate Assistant Development Program consists of a collection of workshops and seminars that will be offered to graduate assistants in the first year of their joining KFUPM. The time frame of the program spans two semesters. The developmental activities shall include:

Workshops and Seminars on the following topics:

  • Adaptation Program.
  • Time management.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Participatory Classrooms
  • Students Motivation.
  • Team Based Learning
  • Enhancing Research Skills
  • Preparation for TOEFL, GRE/ GMAT exams

Peer Consultation

A report will be given to the graduate assistant by a trained faculty member attending one of the graduate assistant's classes and/or labs.


  • Upon successful attendance and participation in all activities of GADP, the graduate assistant has the opportunity to apply for a summer scholarship award. The award consists of a one-month salary.
  • Upon successful attendance and participation in all activities of GADP, the graduate assistant is eligible to apply to attend an international conference that is related to his areas of interest and specialty, within one year from the end of the Spring semester in which the GADP was completed. This includes the airfares in addition to a per-diem compensation based on the location and duration of the conference. Upon return, the student has to submit a conference attendance report to DAD.
  • A reward for securing admission for Ph. D. in one of the top 20 universities in USA.
  • A reward for completion of Ph. D. in 4 years or less.


All graduate assistants are eligible to join the GADP.

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