Assessment and Accreditation

Continuous assessment is the key for quality assurance at the university. The aim of assessment is to understand how educational programs along with institutional processes and resources are working and to determine whether they are contributing to student growth and development. Program assessment focuses on programs rather than on individual students. It provides information on whether the curriculum as a whole provides students with the knowledge, skills and values that graduates should possess in accordance with its mission and set goals and learning objectives. Institutional assessment is meant to take a holistic view of the institution and to assess that how effectively institutional processes and services are supporting academic activities in the university.

Accreditation at the level of the institution and its academic programs is a national requirement and KFUPM is known to be the first Saudi university that acquired accreditation for both its programs and the institution as a whole. In each accreditation cycle, KFUPM gets an independent verification of its quality as an institution as well as its academic programs, including Dammam Community College (DCC), by conducting a rigorous self-assessment and accreditation processes that include external evaluators visits and reports review. For the institution level, accreditation is implemented at national level through the National Center for Academic Assessment and evAluation (NCAAA) with a review cycle of seven years. For the program level, it is done through different accrediting bodies. For the Engineering and Computing Programs the accreditation is provided by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) with a revision cycle of 6 years, for the KFUPM Business School (KBS) programs, it is provided by Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) with a review cycle of 5 years and for all the Programs at National level, the accreditation is provided by NCAAA with a review cycle of 5 years.

AAC supports different KFUPM entities in order to get their pertinent accreditation. The activities involved includes coordination, monitoring, facilitating training and awareness programs, quality check for relevant documents and evidences, and readiness check for accreditation visits. AQAF manual prepared by AAC provides details, guidelines, and necessary documents required in the self-assessment and accreditation processes.

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