Learning Management System

KFUPM adopted the use of Blackboard 9.1 as the online Learning Management Systems (LMS) for whole KFUPM campus as well as Dammam Community College (DCC). The Blackboard LMS is hosted locally at KFUPM and is administered and maintained by the Learning Technology Center (LTC) in collaboration with the Information Technology (KFUPM-IT). The Blackboard LMS service is made available to all faculty of KFUPM and DCC, which allows them to deliver and conduct their courses partially or fully online.

The LMS is used by instructors in carrying out course related activities online including course content delivery, communication and collaboration, and developing and delivering assessments. Blackboard is a flexible and feature-rich course development and delivery system. The features of Blackboard provide freedom and control to instructors as course designers. Thus, almost all KFUPM and DCC courses have virtual presence on Blackboard. To maintain efficient and effective use of Blackboard, LTC provides many training seminars and workshops on the use of Blackboard throughout the academic year.

The Blackboard 9.1 LMS at KFUPM is fully integrated with the Banner Student Information System (SIS) and therefore course rosters are populated with students automatically. This LMS-SIS integration allows Blackboard to maintain an active link throughout the academic semester with the SIS to update course rosters automatically.

Please contact the Blackboard administrator:

Mr. Sanaullah Syed
Tel: +966 13 860 1630,
e-mail: webcourses@kfupm.edu.sa

if you have questions or need any assistance related to accessing or using Blackboard.


Blackboard 9.1 is the online Learning Management Systems (LMS) at the University