Instructional Technology Award

To help the Learning Technology Center (LTC) fulfil its mission, which is promoting the culture of using electronic technologies to enhance teaching and learning, DAD sponsors an award to recognize innovative uses of technology in teaching at KFUPM and to honor faculty members who demonstrate excellence and ingenuity in applying or developing technology-based teaching materials and integrate this technology into their teaching. The ITA is an annual award that is given to faculty members from KFUPM and Dammam Community College (DCC).

Faculty members who have completed at the time of the award three or more years of teaching at KFUPM or DCC are eligible for applying to the award. Nominees submit their nomination files to LTC, and their use of technology is evaluated by their respective students, Chairs of their academic departments, and an ITA review committee chaired by the Director of LTC and membered by four faculty selected from different academic departments. After a rigorous review process, up to three faculty members from KFUPM or Dammam Community College (DCC) are awarded the Instructional Technology Award (ITA). The criteria upon used for evaluating ITA candidates are:

  1. Participation in the development of instructional technology-based material,
  2. Effective use of instructional technology,
  3. Availability and comprehensiveness of the course material,
  4. Provision of effective communications among the students and between the students and the instructor,
  5. Role of the candidate in enhancing student’s learning by instructional technology means,
  6. Experience sharing of using instructional technology with colleagues,
  7. Publications, conferences, and workshop participation,
  8. Additional supporting material provided by the applicant.