Preparing Course File

The Course File (CF) is a fundamental component of the Academic Quality Assurance Framework (AQAF). It is required by the university to provide the information needed to ascertain the quality of courses. The instructor / coordinator of a course shall complete the CF according to the provided templates. The main items of the CF are as follows:

  • Course File Cover page
  • Course Specifications
  • Course Report
  • Syllabus
  • The assessment materials including assignments, quizzes, project, major exams, and final exams
  • Marked samples from the student work for each assessment method mentioned in point 4, these samples shall include the best, average, and worst cases;
  • Course Learning Outcomes assessment report
  • Instructional materials, e.g. slides, lecture notes, etc.
  • Student feedback about the course and textbook

The deadline for the instructor/course coordinator is to submit the course file to his department within one week after the end of a semester.

The template and tutorials related to Course file can be found at the following shared folder: