Revision and Development of Courses, Concentrations, and Programs

KFUPM has stringent quality requirements for its courses, concentrations as well as its academic programs. They are required to satisfy constituent’s needs and institution’s goals and mission. They are required also to fulfill all national quality standards and requirements. Academic programs are subject to rigorous internally and externally and critical benchmarking with similar programs at top international schools to ensure their quality, currency and appropriateness.

In line with these requirements, the Academic Assessment Center (AAC) has developed guidelines and templates for the development and revision of courses, concentrations and programs.

During the development or revision Courses, Concentrations or programs, a proposal shall be prepared and sent to AAC for review and approval. The AAC review the proposal based on the respective guidelines making sure that all respective quality standards and requirements are met.

Important Note: Academic department should observe that AAC needs up two weeks to perform the revision of proposal. The deadline to receive the proposal is two weeks before the final exams. Any submission after then will be deferred to the following term.

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