Activities & Services

In order to achieve its objectives, the DAD identified specific fields of interest, which are reviewed periodically according to the University’s evolving plans and policies. The main areas currently under the DAD focus include:

  • Faculty development to enhance teaching and learning
  • Development of academic leadership
  • Documenting academic policies and procedures
  • Institutionalizing educational processes
  • Self-Assessment and accreditation of academic programs and the institution
  • Quality assurance of academic programs
  • Instructional technologies
  • Development and availability of quality online material for courses at the University
  • Evaluating the impact of academic development activities on teaching and learning

The DAD offers most of its services to the University community through its four centers. It provides a range of academic development workshops, discussion forums and seminars in which international, national and local experts participate. The Deanship, through its centers, sponsors activities related to teaching, student learning, assessment, curriculum, and the quality of academic programs often with a specific audience in mind, such as new faculty, heads of departments, and college deans. The Deanship also conducts training programs on web-based education. In addition, personal consultation is available to faculty members to enhance their teaching.

DAD also provides financial support/incentives through various grants to enable faculty to meet their objectives. The faculty members involved are expected to conduct studies in the various academic development areas such as faculty development; enhancement of the learning environment ; technology-enhanced learning, etc. The Deanship is keen to collaborate with members of the University community on issues that lead to academic development at KFUPM. DAD also manages a resource center, offering a range of books, newsletters, journals and multimedia references such as videotapes, CD's, slides and other materials relating to its main areas of interest, especially teaching and learning and quality-assurance related issues. In addition, the Deanship publishes the proceedings of its workshops and discussion forums, as well as pamphlets on research and practices relating to teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation. These resources can be accessed by contacting the Deanship office.