Academic Policies


The University academic policies, procedures, and guidelines are the instruments by which academic practices are documented, successful stories are institutionalized, quality is assured, and experience of the senior people is codified, transferred, and communicated to the novices.

Well-developed academic policies and procedures make academic and educational practices effectively aligned with the University mission and strategic goals. They set a common understanding among people about their roles and responsibilities, help eliminate mistakes and risks, promote visibility and transparency, and increase the academic efficiency and effectiveness. They also provide the academic leaders, faculty members, and staff with alternatives and guidelines to handle recurring issues of the academic processes, and develop positive attitude and healthy culture towards the work. Additionally, they allow solutions to be quick in the case of misunderstanding and promote continuous improvement and institution agility.


Well-established Policy System incorporates several elements, including:

  • policy framework (meta-policy),
  • policy registry (the authoritative source of all policies, procedures, and guidelines),
  • policy suite (the set of actual policies, procedures, and guidelines),
  • policy toolkit (Unified templates, forms, etc.), and
  • policy management and development team.

The policy framework sets the foundations to ensure the consistency between the different developed documents as well as their currency, validity, and compliance with relevant legislations.

The Educational Effectiveness & Efficiency Center (EEEC) works very closely with the academic departments and the different academic units at the University to develop existing and new academic policies, procedures and/or guidelines, following a well-defined framework that ensures the validity, currency, and applicability of the developed policies and procedures as well as their compliance with relevant legislations. Also, the EEEC regularly develops and organizes awareness and training programs on policy development and compliance.


Academic Policies Registry

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