Graphics Tablet: A Low Cost Hand Writing Tools For Online Classroom

A graphics tablet is a computer input device with a special pen-like stylus that enables a user to hand-draw images, animations and graphics, similar to the way a person draws images with a pen-cil and paper. These tablets may also be used to capture data or handwritten signatures.

The device consists of a flat surface upon which the user may write or draw using the attached pen-like stylus. The image is displayed on the computer monitor, though some graphic tablets now also incorporate an LCD screen for a more realistic or natural experience and usability.

How it works

Graphics Tablet is usually connected to the USB port of the computer, laptop or smart phone accompanied by graphic software, and classroom software such as MS PowerPoint, whiteboard, Microsoft One Note, MS Word etc. Once the tablet is connected and configured, you only need to put the tip of tablet pen on the surface of the working area of the tablet and write (or draw) while looking at the computer display to ensure the writing (or drawing) is where it is needed. The pen also has a button on the side that function like the mouse button.

While teaching in real-time, instructors can use the tablet with its pen to write statements, equa-tions, draw diagrams on classroom software (MS PowerPoint, whiteboard, One Note) and anno-tate images, or files with ease. Instructors can also create and explain interactive content visually by writing, editing, mark assignments or presentations and annotating directly in files and sharing their video with students. With this flexibility and visual communication, they can answer stu-dents' questions to boost the students’ comprehension and retention. What’s more!

Which Graphics Tablet Should I buy for Teaching Online?

There various types of graphics tablet out there that you can purchase for your online classes in-cluding Huion Tablet, XP-Pen, veikk and Wacom brand tablets. Recommended features to look for include:

Pen: Battery-free Passive Stylus is recommended (To avoid charging or replacing battery)

Active working area: This might depend on individual. 10 x 6/6.2 inches may be preferred since it will be almost same as common laptop screen. Smaller size such 4 x 6 is also good for those that will like portable one.

Connection to computer: cable, wireless, or both. Usually wireless will include cable. While ca-ble only will be sufficient, wireless as the advantage of using the tablet from a distance to your computer.

Compatibility: Should works on Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac OS X10.11 or above, and compatible with all major classroom software mentioned above. Compatibility with android or ios may also be needed if you intend to use with smart phone.

Price: There are expensive one such as Wacom brand and LCD screen type but other brands such as Huion, X-pen, veikk, etc are cheaper and does the job excellently. Prices can range from 80SR to hundreds of Riyals.

Where to buy

Graphics tablets are available most local online stores such as,, jarir etc.