The main tasks undertaken by the Learning Technology Center are:

  • Tasks related to the Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS):
    • Manage and maintain the LMS at KFUPM,
    • Provide technical support to faculty for efficient use of the LMS,
    • Provide technical support to students for resolving issues related to accessing and using the LMS,
  • Tasks related to Learning Technologies, including Mobile Learning, and Educational Apps:
    • Propose strategies and new trends of learning technologies for adoption by the University,
    • Spread the culture of using learning technologies among faculty members and encourage the utilization of proven technologies to enhance teaching and learning,
    • Provide training and technical support to faculty members for the effective and efficient use of learning technologies in teaching and learning.
    • Provide consultancy and assist academic departments in reviewing and acquiring specific learning technologies that support their missions.
  • Tasks related to Learning Resources:
    • Develop online materials including comprehensive online courses and comprehensive online video courses for supporting the educational process,
    • Support academic departments in acquisition of textbooks and electronic resources,
    • Support administration in monitoring currency and availability textbooks and other printed resources.