• Self-Assessment and Accreditation
    The AAC is the guardian of the self-assessment and accreditation processes of the following:
    • Institution
    • Undergraduate programs
    • Graduate programs
    • Prep-year program
    • Continuing education programs
    • DAD
      The AAC role in these efforts includes coordination, observation, providing support, guidance, necessary faculty training and quality check on the self-assessment reports.
  • Follow Up and Closing the Loop
    AAC follows up with the academic units and seeks necessary information on:
    • the progress of their action plans on recommendations of institutional as well as program accreditation panels
    • the currency of the curriculum of their programs
    • the activities of Industrial Advisory boards
  • Risk Management and Automation of the Assessment Processes
    The AAC seeks and adopts solutions and systems that enables the automation and risk management of the self-assessment and accreditation processes
  • Development and Assessment of Academic Programs and their Adherence to Quality Standards
    The AAC provides assistance and quality assurance of the efforts of development and/or assessment of academic programs of KFUPM and other institutions as well. Making sure that the developed programs are following the national/international standards and all requirements are fulfilled

The Program Assessment Center offers support, consultation and training for KFUPM faculty on assessment and accreditation issues. It keeps KFUPM faculty, academic and ‚Äčdepartments updated on assessment and accreditation related issues through the invitation of reputable International speakers to conduct workshops and deliver seminars on the subject. The Center also keeps links with national and International assessment and accreditation organizations and invites International professionals to participate in the self-assessment teams of the various programs of the University.